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Migrant Returns and Reception Assistance in Haiti | Air and Sea | Weekly update 06 - 12 March 2022

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Between 6 – 12 March 2022 the International Organization for Migration (IOM) in Haiti provided reception and post-arrival assistance to a total of 1,082 Haitian migrants returned by air and sea. IOM has assisted 7,496 returnees in 2022 as of 12 March and a total of 27,098 returnees since the beginning of 2021. The vast majority of those returned by air and sea arriving in Port-au-Prince or Cap-Haïtien since the beginning of 2021 were returned by flight from the United States, while smaller proportions were returned by other countries and territories in the region. Some migrants were returned after being intercepted at sea by the United States Costa Guard. Most migrants returned by air and sea assisted by IOM were previously residing in Chile or Brazil – where several child returnees were born – and were returned by the United States after journeying northward. Smaller proportions migrated more recently, mainly to locations in the Caribbean.