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Crop Monitor for Early Warning | No. 69 - March 2022

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In East Africa, planting is underway for Belg crops in Ethiopia with concerns due to dry conditions and ongoing conflict in the north. In Kenya, harvest has finalized for Short Rains crops under poor to failure conditions due to persistent dryness. There is increasing concern across parts of the region due to a possible fourth consecutive season of below-average rainfall forecast for the upcoming March to May rains (See Seasonal Forecast Alert Pg. 4). In West Africa, harvesting of main season cereals mostly completed last month under generally favourable conditions except in areas impacted by persistent dry conditions and in conflict-affected regions. In the Middle East and North Africa, winter wheat crops continue to develop under mixed conditions as dryness may impact crop outcomes in parts of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria, and Iraq. In Southern Africa, conditions remain mixed for main season cereals as dry conditions have expanded in parts of the subregion, and the passage of several tropical storms and cyclones since January has impacted crops in southern Malawi, Mozambique, and Madagascar. In Central and South Asia, winter wheat crops continue to develop under mixed conditions due to persistent dryness in parts of Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Land preparation for spring wheat crops is underway in Afghanistan and Tajikistan. In Southeast Asia, dry-season rice crops are developing under generally favourable conditions in the north due to sufficient irrigation water supply. In Central America and the Caribbean, Apante season bean crops are developing under favourable conditions in Nicaragua while poor conditions have resulted in Haiti due to previous dry conditions and damage from recent torrential rainfall.