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Belgium sends emergency shelter material to Ukraine via B-FAST

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Govt. Belgium
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Belgium sends humanitarian material to Ukraine via the emergency aid mechanism B-FAST. The shipment contains shelter material adapted to cold climate conditions, such as tents, blankets and sanitary kits. In doing so, our country is responding to the request for aid that Ukraine submitted to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM) as part of assistance following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine. Belgium wishes to express its solidarity with the Ukrainian population which is having a hard time.

The total value of this shipment is EUR 230 000. B-Fast can count on a subsidy from the European Union for part of the transport costs. The FPS Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation coordinates this shipment of B-FAST, a mechanism in which, in addition to the Prime Minister's Office, the FPS Public Health, Defence, the FPS Interior and the FPS Bosa are involved for logistical and administrative support.

For more information about the B-FAST mechanism: B-FAST.