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Data analysis & data visualisation toolboxes for field actors now available on the Learning Corner!

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CartONG invites you to discover the latest resources published in English and French on the Learning Corner of the IM Resource Portal.

Who has never been at a loss when faced with a dataset, not knowing where to start or how to get the information you need? In the humanitarian sector, we are often required to conduct some data analysis for program management and M&E purposes, despite not necessarily having a background that includes formal training on the subject. Therefore, the Data analysis toolbox was designed to focus on some of the common analysis methods used within our sector. Overall, the toolbox aims to provide an accessible theoretical explanation for data analysis within the aid sector. Its target audience is any beginner that wants or needs to start doing data analysis as part of his/her role.

Complementary to the first toolbox, the Data visualisation toolbox focuses on basic data visualisation, meant for any beginners that want or need to start building skills on the topic.

Each toolbox is composed of 7 independent sections, and provides concrete examples and refers to a common case study.

Additional toolkits - on MDC, GIS, responsible data and more - will be made available in the coming months. To stay informed, subscribe to the IM Resource Portal newsletter.

These two new resources were developed as part of the project “Strengthening Information Management within francophone CSOs” led by CartONG and co-financed by the French Development Agency (AFD) over the 2019-2022 period. For more information, see the article published on CartONG’s website.