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Mozambique: Tropical Storm Ana Humanitarian Snapshot - Zambezia Province - 17 February 2022 [EN/PT]

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Tropical storm Ana made landfall in Mozambique on 24 January. With windspeeds up to 100km/h and rains up to 200mm/24h, the storm brought widespread flooding and caused significant damage to public infrastructure and private homes as well as interruption of basic services. The provinces of Nampula, Zambezia and Tete were the most affected. In Zambezia, joint multi-sectoral needs assessments, led by the National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD) in collaboration with humanitarian partners have been undertaken in the most affected districts, to assess humanitarian needs and damages. The assessment team was composed of INGD, Provincial Service of Health (Serviços Provinciais de Saúde da Zambezia), Provincial Directorate of Education (Direção Provincial de Educação), Save the Children, World Vision, IOM, UNFPA, WFP and UNICEF. The team used a rapid inter-agency needs assessment tool agreed with INGD. This snapshot represents the key findings from the assessment team.

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