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Safe Water in Kamukuywa, Kenya

Water Mission
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It’s not often that a safe water charity receives a sheep to show appreciation for a new safe water solution, but when this does happen, we can’t help but rejoice. This is just what happened in October 2021 when we commissioned a safe water project for the community of Kamukuywa, Kenya.

While safe water is often taken for granted, the reality is that 2.2 billion people worldwide still do not have access to this essential resource. So, for the past 20 years, Water Mission has worked diligently to fulfill its vision that all people have safe water and an opportunity to experience God’s love.

In Kamukuywa, collecting water was always difficult. At times, it was even dangerous. Relying on unsafe water from distant sources, women and girls would leave home while it was still dark out, trying to avoid the common threat of strangers along the journey. Unfortunately, the steep, slippery slopes down to the water source caused frequent injuries. Even after arriving home safely, the contaminated water often made their families sick.

Two local pastors, David Omuse and Winnie Khaema, shared how the burden of collecting water impacted the entire community.

“Our mothers, wives, and daughters were used to going to the river as early as 3 a.m. to get water,” shared Pastor David.

Because of generous support from friends like you, Water Mission installed a safe water solution. Today, all 3,000 men, women, and children in Kamukuywa have access to safe water.

“Having clean and safe water that is easily accessible will save our people from a lot of the misfortunes we encounter while going to fetch water in the river or springs,” said Pastor Winnie.

When communities witness Water Mission working to provide safe water for them in the name of the Lord, it opens doors to sharing the gospel. 

“People understand that the project is connected to the activity of the God of the Bible,” Pastor David said. “We have been brought together as church leaders, and we are reaching out to people with the Living Water message.”

Pastor Winnie added, “People also find time to go to church instead of going to the river on Sundays.” 

Fostering relationships with the local church, as we have in Kamukuywa, is a pillar of Water Mission’s work. By blessing communities with safe water solutions, you’re providing families the opportunity to hear the gospel and experience God’s love. You’re also helping open doors to education and economic opportunity.

As we celebrate this community’s transformation, we remember those around the world who still lack access to safe water. This devastating reality puts lives at risk, just as it did in Kamukuywa.

Kamukuywa’s joy about access to safe water was evident by the kind gift of a sheep. Through your prayers and support, you can share joy with even more people through access to life-giving safe water.

You can save the lives of people in need, like residents of this community in Kenya, by supporting Water Mission’s work monthly. Become a Thirst Quencher today by visiting