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Belarus Border Update: Humanitarian Concerns Continue for Migrants in Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, & Poland

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Following the Belarus-instigated flow of migrants to its borders with Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland in the second half of 2021, up to 15,000 migrants remain in the four countries. The vast majority hope to seek asylum in the EU, and many are housed in sub-standard conditions. Since mid-November, the Lukashenka regime has repatriated more than 4,000 migrants to their countries of origin. However, as of late January 2022, approximately 600 migrants continue living in cramped conditions in a warehouse near the Bruzgi border crossing with Poland, with limited access to health services, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities. An unknown number of migrants remain elsewhere in Belarus, including hundreds in the forests around the border areas who battle winter weather conditions with little to no access to aid. Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland continue to restrict access to their border areas and, in some cases, force back into Belarus migrants who cross their borders. In Latvia, approximately 450 asylum seekers await decisions on their cases. In Lithuania, approximately 3,200 asylum seekers live in up to 11 holding centers where, in some facilities, there are reports of excessive use of force by guards and inadequate food and water. In Poland, over 1,800 asylum seekers live spread throughout six detention centers or holding facilities where there are reports of limited access to interpreters, legal aid, and physical and mental health services.

US Department of State - Humanitarian Information Unit: https://hiu.state.gov