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Report of The New Wave of Displacement - Shabwah Governorate (12/1/2022-17/1/2022) [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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During the past few days, Ain District witnessed a wave of displacement as a result of the confrontations in the district.
More than 600 IDPs from several areas displaced to other safe areas the district.

The IDPs are suffering difficult situation in the area. Lack of shelter, NFIs and food materials increased the sufferings of the IDPs.

We call on the office of the United Nations envoy for the protection of civilians and open safe corridors to enable the IDPs to bring the necessary materials that enable them to survive, and to enable them to flee from the areas of conflict to safer areas.
We also call the humanitarian partners to play their roles and assume their responsibilities and meet the needs of these displaced persons in a way that guarantees their survival.

We, in the Executive Unit are ready to facilitate their tasks, and cooperate with them.