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Report of The New Wave of Displacement - Shabwah Governorate (15/12/2021-02/2/2022) [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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Usaylan district witnessed -during these two days -a large wave of displacement of more than (400) displaced people from several areas including the Valley Area, as a result of the ongoing battles there and the concentration of Houthi militias among the populated houses, forcing the residents to flee in search of a safe haven for themselves and their children in areas (Wadi Usaylan).This wave of displacement requires urgent intervention by humanitarian partners to meet the needs of these displaced people and immediately.

Some districts of the governorate, such as Attaq, Bayhan and others have witnessed another wave of displacement coming from several governorates as a result of the ongoing war in Yemen. The number of IDPs is amounting to (420) IDPs during the past weeks, which means an increase in pressure on services in those districts, so urgent intervention is required to meet the needs of these displaced people and others Other IDPs who were displaced two months ago, and whose needs have not been fully met until today due to the scarcity of interventions and their failure to keep pace with the level of displacement.

Accordingly, we in the Executive Unit in the governorate call upon all humanitarian partners and invite them to intervene quickly and meet all needs in all sectors, and we will work to facilitate their tasks.