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Yemen: Cumulative displacement development report - Shabwah Governorate (02/2/2022) [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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Number of new IDPs from 29 July 2021 to 02 January 2022

The wave of displacement is increasing day after day, and with it the needs of the displaced in all sectors. The statistics and reports on the development of the new displacement cases available to us have stopped. The number of displaced families has reached more than 1,150 new displaced families, i.e. more than 7,000 thousand new displaced people, most of whom have arrived in the city of Ataq, which means an increase Pressure on services in their places of arrival, and given the shyness and scarcity of interventions - unfortunately - by humanitarian partners, the suffering of these displaced people is exacerbating day after day; The lack of meeting their needs, which means that there is a very large gap that requires urgent and urgent intervention by humanitarian partners to fill it in all sectors, especially the sectors of shelter (rents, accommodation, and non-food items), the food sector (food baskets) and protection (cash aid). )) and all other sectors.

The Asilan district comes after the city of Ataq in terms of the intensity of displacement to and from it, as a result of the battles taking place in it during these two days. It witnessed a large wave of internal displacement from the areas of conflict to the areas of Wadi Asilan, so we renew our call to all humanitarian partners to intervene quickly to relieve these displaced people and meet their needs Urgently, the Executive Unit will work to coordinate and facilitate all efforts in a manner that serves humanitarian work.