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Tonga National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Situation report #11 - 25 January 2022

Govt. Tonga
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This situation report released by the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) is to inform operational partners on current situation of the secondary effects of the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai (HTHH) Volcanic eruption. This Situation report (Sitrep) covers the period stated above. Frequency of reports will depend on availability of new information and evolving operation.


  • As at 8.00am Sun 16 Jan 2022 Tonga was declared as a State of Emergency (SOE) for the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption that triggered tsunami waves on Sat 15th Jan 2022.

  • This SOE commenced at Sunday 16 January 2022 to 8.00am Sunday 13 February 2022 and was announced on 19 Jan by the Prime Minister, Honourable Hu’akavameiliku.

  • ‘Otunga’ofa left for Ha’apai on 24 Jan 2022, with 20 tents, 40 tarpaulin, 60 hygiene kits, 4 drums of diesel, 1 drum of benzene.

  • The Initial Damage Assessment (IDA) team departed for Ha’apai on 24 Jan 2022 as part of the verification process.

  • The Intra-Cluster meeting was held on Tues 25th Jan 2022 for Cluster updates and to request the Clusters response plan for submission by

  • HNWASH conducted an IDA on the health system:

    • Tongatapu (Vaiola) Hospital, health centres & clinics & ‘Eua (Niu’eiki) Hospital operational though with layers of volcanic ash on premises, water tanks and rooftops.

    • In Ha’apai, Princess Fusipala Hospital (in Pangai) was used as an evacuation shelter and remains operational, Niu’ui Hospital (in Hihifo) had minor damage but operational.

    • In Ha’apai Islands, Ha’afeva Health Centre is operational due to HMAF support with clean up,
      Nomuka Health Centre is not operational.

    • Tonga Emergency Medical Assistance Team (TEMAT) supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) mobilised on 16th Jan 2022 and has conducted health assessments to stablise conditions and address immediate and critical health needs

  • Distribution to Mango and ‘Atata – 2 washing machines, 2 deep freeze freezers, 4 clothes iron, 4 stoves, 4 crockery sets, 65 cutlery sets for Mango and 110 cutlery sets for “Atata.

  • International humanitarian support has been received recently from Australia, Japan, China, France and New Zealand and continue to arrive by air and sea. All vessels are required to abide by Tonga’s COVID19 protocols with delivery of relief items, to keep Tonga COVID19 safe.

  • The National Emergency Operations Centre (NEOC) received 254 calls on Mon 24 Jan – Wed 26 Jan. The top 3 requests were for (1) water blasters, (2) relief supplies, (3) Sitreps.

  • Top 3 complaints received: (1) not involved in IDA (2) not received distribution (3) distribution not fairly done.