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Turkish Red Crescent Community-Based Migration Programs Coordinatorship Socioeconomic Empowerment Program: Resilience Strengthening of Migrants and Vulnerable Host Communities in Kilis Project - Final Report, December 2021 [EN/TR]

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1. general information

1.1. About Turkish Red Crescent

The Red Crescent is a voluntary social service organization with legal personality, subject to the provisions of private law, non-profit, free of charge and working for the public interest.

The Red Crescent, founded on June 11, 1868 under the name of “Ottoman Aid Society for Wounded and Sick Soldiers”, was named as “Ottoman Red Crescent Association” in 1877, “Turkey Red Crescent Association” in 1923, “Turkey Red Crescent Association” in 1935 and “Turkey Red Crescent Society” in 1947. The organization was named

The purpose of the Red Crescent is to try to prevent or alleviate the pain of a person without any discrimination, to protect the life and health of a person, to ensure that his personality is respected and to try to bring mutual understanding, friendship, respect, cooperation and constant peace between people. The Red Crescent is a symbol of solidarity in times of need, equality in times of suffering, humanity, neutrality and peace in the heat of war.

Turkish Red Crescent, one of the most respected and powerful institutions of the humanitarian sector in the international arena, shares the basic principles of the International Red CrescentRed Cross Community. These are the principles of humanity, non-discriminatory, impartiality, independence, charity, unity and universality.

The organization of the Turkish Red Crescent consists of Headquarters and branches. The duties at all levels of the Red Crescent other than the General Directorate are carried out voluntarily.

Turkish Red Crescent, which carries out works at national and international level in the fields of disasters, safe blood supply, social services, migration services, education, youth and volunteering services, is developing its service range day by day.

1.2. About Community-Based Migration Programs And Community Centers

As a result of the political crisis and conflicts that started in Syria on March 15, 2011, millions of people were displaced and became in need of humanitarian aid. With this migration crisis, Turkey is home to around 4 million immigrants and refugees. Within the scope of the response to the Turkish Red Crescent migration crisis, the first Community Center was established in Şanlıurfa province on January 20, 2015 in line with the needs of migrants, refugees and local people living outside the camp. As of 2020, the services of Turkish Red Crescent Community-Based Migration Programs reach the beneficiaries with 17 community centers in 16 provinces across the country.

The key objective of Community-Based Migration Programs is to contribute to the community resilience and culture of peaceful co-existence by empowering the physical, psychological, social and economical of all vulnerable groups and individuals.

The priority audience of the services of our Community Centers, supported by many national and international non-governmental organizations, is vulnerable individuals from all age groups such as the disabled, the elderly and people exposed to violence. Our Community Centers aim to provide their services to all those in need who live in the region they serve, regardless of religion, language or race.