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Flights and vessels arrive in Tonga with more aid

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Govt. Tonga
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27th January, 2022 TONGAN More humanitarian aids arrive Tonga today from Australia, New Zealand, France and China.

Two flights from Australia and New Zealand landed Fua’amotu International Airport today with relief items including hygiene kits, kitchen kits and other essential supplies.

Two ocean vessels have arrived from Fiji waiting to be docked with relief supplies and food rations donated by China.

France’s Navy Patrol Boat La Gloriuese arrived Tonga today with aids.

Yesterday, HMAS Adelaide docked at Vuna Wharf with humanitarian and medical supplies and engineering equipment from Australia. It also carried equipment and supplies donated by the United Kingdom and NGOs. The supplies were offloaded by the ship’s personnel. A flight from France also landed at the airport yesterday.

Minister for Health Hon. Dr Siosaia Piukala said that 29 Covid-19 cases have been identified on board HMAS Adelaide and they have been isolated together with their close contacts.

He said that no one is allowed to get close to the ship and all offloaded supplies will be quarantined at the wharf for 72 hours or three days.

Cargo carried by the Australian naval ship have been offloaded and the ship has left the port.

Meanwhile, two aid flights from China are scheduled to land Tonga tomorrow.

All cargoes offloaded from humanitarian flights and vessels must be quarantined for 72 hours before released to the National Emergency Management Office.


Issued by the: Ministry of Meteorology, Energy, Information, Disaster Management, Environment, Climate Change & Communications