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Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) Post Distribution Monitoring Survey Round 11 (September 2021)

Turkish Red Crescent
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The Emergency Social Safety Net (ESSN) provides unrestricted, unconditional cash assistance to refugees to help people meet their basic needs and mitigate the effects of economic shocks. To understand the impact of the cash assistance provided to the refugee households as a means to assist them meet their basic needs, IFRC and TRC conducts regular Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) surveys. These surveys explore ESSN applicant’s income, expenditure, debt and coping strategies at the household level and provide an analysis of trends between recipient and non-recipient households over time. The 11th in the series, this PDM survey adopted a cross sectional design and was conducted between November 2020 and January 2021 with a sample of 2,019 recipient and 1,965 non-recipients households. The results are presented in comparison to that of PDM 10 (September 2020), and are representative for both recipient and non-recipient households at the regional and national level.