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Inclusion of refugees from Bassikounou in Mauritania’s national social registry: Key Results from the Socio-economic Survey, December 2021

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Context and justification

• Mauritania has been hosting Malian refugees since 2012, following the security crisis, with a massive influx leading to a continuous increase in the number of refugees over time

• Joint UNHCR-WFP targeting was carried out in 2019 to prioritize humanitarian assistance for the most vulnerable in order to cope with the drop in funding and support

• The Mauritanian government requested the support of the World Bank and the UNHCR-WFP targeting hub to update and revise the targeting for the inclusion of refugees in the national social protection program, Tekavoul

• Mauritania’s Social Registry, with the support of UNHCR and WFP, included refugees in the national census through a socio-economic survey to revise the targeting and identify the most vulnerable households