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Tonga National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Situation report #10 - 24 January 2022

Govt. Tonga
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  • As at 8.00am Sun 16 Jan 2022 Tonga was declared as a State of Emergency (SOE) for the Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai volcanic eruption that triggered tsunami waves on Sat 15th Jan 2022

  • This SOE commenced at Sunday 16 January 2022 to 8.00am Sunday 13 February 2022 and was announced on 19 Jan by the Prime Minister, Honourable Hu’akavameiliku.

  • Lulunga residents (82) from Mango Island (63) and Nomuka (19) were evacuated to Tongatapu on Sat 20 Jan 2022, due to the significant damage and negative health impact from the tsunami.

  • The Government of Tonga hosted a church service and provided a feast for the Mango Island residents upon arrival to Tongatapu.

  • Tonga Red Cross distributed hygiene kits and the Australian High Commission staff kindly donated bags of clothing and snacks for the families upon arrival to Tongatapu on Sat 22 Jan.

  • Safety & Protection Cluster (Tonga Family Health Association) providing psychosocial support to the evacuees.

  • An order was issued and declared the following areas as no – go zones: ‘Atata Island, Fafa Island, Kanokupolu, Makaha’a, Mango Island, Nukunuku Motu, Patangata.

  • Two flights arrived with relief supplies on Sat 22 Jan, from New Zealand and Japan and scheduled for distribution on Wed 25 Jan 2022.

  • Tonga National Youth Congress and MORDI Tonga established water stations in 7 communities, NEMO with the Town Officers established a further 9 community water stations.

  • First flight to Nafanua Aiport was on Sat 23 Jan 2022, with Government officers, including Chief Secretary and Secretary to Cabinet.

  • NEMO and MORDI Tonga accessed and delivered 248,000L of water from the HMNZS Aotearoa on Sat 23 Jan.

  • The weekend of Sat 22 & Sun 23 Jan 2022, there were 98 calls to the NEOC, with urgent calls. The key requests were (1) food for an elderly person; (2) advising on household not included in distributions.