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Tonga National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Situation report #7 - 20 January 2022

Govt. Tonga
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  • The tsunami warning for HTHH volcanic eruption on 15 Jan 2022 was cancelled on 17 Jan 2022 at 10am.

  • Interisland and international communication (inc. internet) remains non-operational; Repair equipment for the cable is anticipated to arrive in Tonga this weekend, to support reinstallation efforts

  • Current priority requests from the affected and impacted communities remain as clean drinking water, fuel, food

  • Depleted stocks: fuel stocks in Ha’apai, fuel stocks available until Sunday in Vava’u, clean drinking water in ‘Eua.

  • Ha’apai:

  • Otu’omu’omu’a: 62 evacuated from Mango to Nomuka. One person medevacked from Nomuka to Nuku’alofa today.

  • Pangai, damages along coastal areas from Pangai to Hihifo.

  • Boat departing today at 12pm and will contact Nuku;alofa to advise of arrival time.

  • Priorities for Government of Tonga currently is: (1) cleaning up of Kanokupolu (2) clearing runway (3) water distribution and testing for safety (4) support to Ha’apai.

  • International humanitarian support from:

  • NZ Government with the provision of water for distribution on HMNZS Aotearoa (up to 70,000L/day and diving surveyors & a helicopter to chart changes from sea and ports on HMNZS Wellington.

  • Chinese Embassy for food packs for relief distribution

  • NEOC received 110 calls, with 21 of these urgent, in the last 24 hours.

  • To date, there have been 18 calls from persons with disability & elderly reporting lack of access to tap water. These concerns and requests have been resolved, as a matter of priority

  • NEMO water relief distributions to date: 33,959 litres of water.