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Explosive Weapons Monitor, December 2021

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At least one death or injury from the use of explosive weapons was recorded in 24 countries and territories in December 2021.

The five most affected countries and territories in terms of civilian casualties from the use of explosive weapons were Yemen, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Myanmar. Worldwide, there were 170 incidents of explosive weapon use, causing 1,408 casualties, of which 529 (38%) were civilians.

There were 19 incidents of explosive weapon use affecting aid access, education and healthcare services in December, a marked increase from November due largely to explosive weapon incidents affecting healthcare services in Myanmar.
Incidents were also reported in Ethiopia, Pakistan, Syria and Yemen, where explosive weapons damaged camps for internally displaced persons, schools and hospital infrastructure.

This data may include some incidents where the device did not detonate or where there were no civilian casualties, and includes incidents where historical items such as unexploded ordnance were found and which affected the provision of these services.