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EWARS Monthly Epidemiological Bulletin: Syria - NES, December of 2021 (Epi weeks 48-52)

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Highlights :

 During December of 2021, A total of 248 out of 286 active EWARS reporting sites in NES (86.7%) provided diseases surveillance data through the early warning alert and response system (EWARS).

 A total of 163,068 consultations were reported from 248 health facilities in NES in December.

 The total number of cases reported by the EWARS during December of 2021 is 65,924.

 The leading causes of morbidity among all age groups is the (ILI/Suspected COVID19) with 34,496 cases (52%) and Acute diarrhea (AD) 14,894 cases (23%).

 980 out of 65,924 (1.5 %) SARI/Suspected COVID19 cases reported during this reporting period.