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Displaced families receive aid but more snow forecast for northern Syria Flash Update #2 (as of 21 January)

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Heavy snowfall on 18 – 19 January has caused suffering in communities across north-west Syria, especially for those living in displacement sites.

So far 261 tents have been reported as destroyed by the snow and 914 tents damaged, along with personal belongings. 80 displacement sites have been affecting with more than 100,000 inhabitants. Heavy rainfall has affected 235 displacement sites with more than 150,000 people. Idleb governorate is worst affected, particularly in Dana and Maaret Tamasrin sub-districts.

Urgent needs are improved access to displacement sites through road clearance, relocation of people to safer places, securing means for heating, replacing destroyed tents and providing food and non-food items to the households.

All the public roads are now open in the affected northern countryside of Aleppo, including the Afrin – Raju road, Sharan – Bulbul road leading to Bulbul camps, Abraz camp road, Afrin – Ghazawiyet road, Deir Ballut – Atma road and Ma’btali – Raju road. Clearing is ongoing in Raju and Ma’btali districts. Snow accumulated on the sides of roads is not impeding traffic. Two emergency road rehabilitation teams are operating in Aleppo and Idleb governorates.

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