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WFP Ethiopia Country Brief, November 2021

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In Numbers

3.09 million people assisted

USD 3.05 million cash-based transfers provided

USD 579 million (December 2021 - May 2022) net funding requirements 27,515 mt of food assistance distributed

Operational Updates

  • In November, WFP provided food and nutrition assistance to 3.09 million people, including those affected by drought and floods, internally displaced persons (IDPs), refugees and malnourished women and children. WFP continued to provide life-saving assistance in the conflict-affected Northern Ethiopia.

• In the Tigray Region, WFP continued to deliver emergency food assistance to 146,593 people. In the Afar and Amhara regions,
WFP provided food and nutrition assistance to 102,517 and 424,447 internally displaced persons (IDPs) and food insecure people in host communities in November.

• In the Somali Region, WFP continued to provide food assistance to IDPs and people affected by climate shocks in November. WFP assisted 451,608 people with 5,375 mt of food and USD 2.26 million in cash-based transfers (CBT) through Round 3 distributions during November.

• In November, WFP provided 3,200 mt of specialized nutritious foods for treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and prevention of wasting to 755,454 children aged 6 to 59 months, as well as pregnant and lactating women and girls (PLWG) enrolled in the targeted supplementary feeding and blanket supplementary feeding programmes.

Support to Refugees
• WFP supported 680,050 refugees with 7,320 mt of in-kind food assistance and USD 422,100 cash-based transfers (CBT) in 24 refugee camps across Ethiopia in November. Due to critical funding gaps, food rations have been cut from 84 percent to 60 percent of the recommended daily kilo calorie intake in November 2021.

School Feeding
• In November, WFP’s school feeding activities were limited due to the ongoing conflict in the Afar Region. However, WFP’s school feeding activities began in early December, reaching 67,263 children with 85 mt of food, with distributions ongoing.

Fresh Food Vouchers (FFV)
• The FFV Programme supports households with PLWG and children under the age of two years to access fresh food and improve their dietary diversity. In November, conflict and insecurity in the Amhara Region hampered WFP’s FFV access – halting the programme.

• To strengthen the livelihoods of communities, WFP supported over 54,625 people through trainings on village savings and loan associations and other livelihood strengthening activities.