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IOM Belarus Response for the stranded migrants in Belarus Situation Report (31 December 2021-6 January 2022)

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Over 500 people are accommodated at the logistics facility.

26 people at the logistics centre were registered for AVRR.

47 people departed Belarus for their countries of origin.


Over 500 migrants are still accommodated at the logistics centre in the vicinity of the border crossing point Bruzgi at the Belarus-Poland border, and continue to have access to basic emergency assistance, food and non-food items (NFIs), and counselling on Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR).

As in December 2021 IOM Belarus established a project site in Grodno city, close to the border area, it is now easier to maintain regular contact with migrants accommodated at the logistics facility and provide the opportunity to safely return home to those who have voluntarily decided to do so.

Between 31 December 2021 and 6 January 2022, 26 people at the facility were registered to further benefit from the AVRR programme. On 7 January, they will be transported from the logistics facility to a hotel near Minsk airport to receive pre-departure assistance.

IOM’s AVRR programme is available not only for people accommodated at the logistics centre but also to other vulnerable migrants. During the reporting period, two migrants either approached IOM on their own or were referred to IOM for AVRR assistance by state authorities.

IOM continues its weekly visits to the facility to deliver humanitarian assistance, based on the results of available needs assessments, and on the analysis of demand for food and NFIs already delivered.

During the visit on 5 January, IOM distributed 332.2 kg of bread and fruit, 50 kg of toilet soap and 50L of liquid soap.