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UNHCR Serbia Update, December 2021

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Key statistics: 4,978 newcomers to governmental centres were registered in December (comp. to 6,027 in November). Arrivals came mainly from North Macedonia (68%, decrease by 14%), Bulgaria (15%, increase by 6%),
Montenegro (7%, increase by 3%), Albania via Kosovo1 (4%, increase by 2%), and smaller percentages from Turkey (air), Russia (air), and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). 60,407 refugees and migrants newly arrived in governmental centres in 2021 (compared to 58,103 in 2020)2 .

As at end-December 2021, 5,369 (decrease by 4%) refugees and migrants were in the territory of Serbia, of which 4,429 accommodated in 13 operational governmental centres across the country, 30 in specialised institutions for unaccompanied and separated children (UASC), 135 in private accommodation and 775 staying rough outside the centres.

December 2021 saw 2,713 (decrease by 35% comp. to November) pushbacksfrom neighbouring countries to Serbia (89% from Hungary, 9% from Romania and 2% from Croatia). Nationals of Syria make up 46% of all the pushbacks and persons originating from Afghanistan make up 29%.

Asylum/protection: In December 2021, the Asylum Office (AO) of the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of Serbia granted subsidiary protection to one national of Syria and rejected asylum applications from three nationals of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Iran and Mali. Two hundred and seventy-six persons expressed intention to seek asylum in Serbia in December, and 18 submitted actual applications. Nine hundred and ten asylum-seekers newly arrived in governmental centres in December, and 1,019 absconded from them.