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Peru Situation Report - October 2021

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On 30 October, the Ministry of Health (MoH) reported that 52 per cent of the population in Peru is fully vaccinated. As to Venezuelan population in the country, the coverage with two doses went from 12.6 to 27.1 per cent in one month, even though it is still lower than the national coverage.
As vaccination progresses in the country, regional authorities seek to reopen the land borders. President Pedro Castillo met with the governor in charge of Tumbes and promised to set up a technical table with, inter alia, the ministries of Health and Foreign Affairs, in order to reopen the northern border.
Regarding the advance on regularization mechanisms and access to documentation, on 27 October, the Superintendence of Migration (SNM) reported that around 37,000 Temporary Permanence Permit Card-CPP had been delivered, as well as 12,000 humanitarian residences.