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Afghanistan: Countrywide Weekly Market Price Bulletin, Issue 87 (Covering second week of January 2022) - 12 January 2022

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  • In the week 2 of January 2022, the prices of food items were significantly higher than the last week of June ( before the recent conflicts and political change).

  • The average price of wheat, wheat flour, cooking oil pulses and Sugar negligibly increased in the second week of January 2022 compared to last week, after it peak price in 3rd week of Dec 2021. The devaluation of the afghani currency is the main cause of changes in prices.

  • Average weekly price of diesel decreased by 0.4% and reached 72.9 AFN/L, due to exchange rate fluctuations and improved supply.

  • Work opportunities significantly deteriorated by 7.2% compared to last week.

  • Both casual labour/wheat and pastoralist ToT deteriorated by 1.4% and 1.9%, respectfully as price of wheat negligibly went up and decreased in the price of sheep.

  • Exchange rate (USD to AFN) after drastic increase in the 2nd week of December, slightly decreased in the 3rd week and again negligibly increased in the fourth of December 2021, first week of January 2022 and this week too, reached 104.9 AFN/USD and still lack of cash (USD) in markets & Banks and high demand for it exists in the market.