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Denmark announces comprehensive support program to Ukraine

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Govt. Denmark
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The Danish Government has decided to allocate EUR 22 million to a comprehensive new support program to Ukraine. The program aims to strengthen Ukraine’s resilience and ability to manage the severe consequences of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Jeppe Kofod states:

"Ukraine is currently threatened by the massive and completely unacceptable Russian military build-up close to the Ukrainian border. I have just visited the contact line and seen with my own eyes how severely this conflict has affected the Ukrainian people. The Danish government will not stand idly by. Our new support package is quite comprehensive, and every bit of it is needed. With this support, we are sending a clear signal of our solidarity with Ukraine. The Ukrainian people must know that they are not alone in their fight for sovereignty and independence."

The new support is presented on the same day that Minister Kofod visits the contact line in eastern Ukraine.

The support constitutes a new phase of the Danish Peace and Stabilization Program for Ukraine for the period 2022-25. Of the EUR 22 million, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs contributes EUR 10.75 million and the Danish Ministry of Defense EUR 11.3 million.

Minister of Defense Trine Bramsen states:

“We are seeing an aggressive military build-up on the Ukrainian border, confirmed during my recent visit to the country. We must support Ukraine and its right to be a democratic country in its own right. That is why we are now strengthening our Danish contribution to Ukraine’s reforms of its security forces. We are also increasing our contribution to Ukraine’s military training and our assistance in bringing Ukrainian military personnel in line with NATO standards. I will not leave out further contributions.”

The program covers both stabilization, development and defense-oriented assistance. The program for one thing aims to strengthen the security and cohesion of Ukraine's eastern regions. It will also support Ukraine's defense reform and capacity building of the Ukrainian defense. In addition, the program seeks to improve dialogue between people on both sides of the contact line in order to promote conflict resolution and local reconciliation.

The program is funded by the Danish Peace and Stabilization Fund, which supports stabilization efforts in vulnerable and conflict-affected areas. A previous phase of the Danish support for Ukraine ran from 2018 to 2021 with a budget of EUR 16.1 million.

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