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Regional CCCM Cluster Dashboard - Amhara (December 2021)

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General Updates

The Government didn’t permit enough time to allow CCCM together with other humanitarian partners to conduct planned returns as they went ahead to return IDPs from Zenzelima, Ebinat, Motta, Mekane Selam and Debre Birhan except for those displaced from Oromia and Benishangul Gumuz Regions.


According to Government figures, in total 32,370 (3,430 from Zenzelima, 14,442 from Debre Birhan, 12,698 from Ebinat, 1,800 from Mekane Selam) returnees have been assisted by 530 buses.
Additionally, a significant number of IDPs have managed to return to their places spontaneously.

Baseline Data:

With support from DTM, intentions survey for Debark site (Kulich Meda) was finalized and findings will be shared soon, it’s reported though that there are 133,916 IDPs sheltered presently in Debark and surrounding areas. From this number 5,206 IDPs are in the sites.


There was a joint CCCM/SNFI assessment conducted in Deise to determine the situation and needs in areas of return. Several gaps such as limited data on returnees, limited partner presence in areas of return, etc. a final report will be shared soon. There is a plan for a joint needs assessment to be conducted in the three remaining IDP sites in Debre Barihan hosting mainly IDPs from Oromia special zone.
Partners Presence:
ANE/UNHCR hired four community mobilizers and one CCCM officer to support IDP site management in Debre Barihan in abide to scale up opera�ons.
ANE/UNHCR are conduc�ng a site profiling exercise in Debre Barihan to determine the exact number of IDPs remaining. Final findings will be shared soon.