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Regional CCCM Cluster Dashboard - Afar (December 2021)

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General Updates


According to the recent report from the Disaster Prevention and Food Security Programme Coordination Office (DPFSPCO) that 1,300,000 individuals are directly or indirectly affected by the conflict and over 376,502 persons are displaced from four zones & 21 woredas ,150,000 school age childrens are out of school ,72,000 Children under 5 , in the Afar region.

Over 54,000 IDPs are sheltered in Wake50 and Waranso IDP sites while the majority of the IDPs in the host community are living in Mille town.
The IDPs were displaced in October from Chifra town, Euwa, Adar in Afar region and Kombolcha,
Zoble towns of Amhara region.
Initial priority needs of the displaced population include Emergency food, water, hygiene & sanitation (WASH), emergency shelter, non-food items, primary health care services, nutrition, protection and livelihood opportunities.
Lack of latrines, hygiene promotion and inadequate water reticulation points at the IDP sites and the host community in Mille.
Lack of proper and modern medical equipment and consumables was reported at the Mille maternity referral hospital.
IDPs return from Mille to Dessie and Kombolcha was reported by the community and others IDPs. IDPs at Wake50 site, also expect to return as soon as the security situation is improved in Chiffra and Auwa.