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Afghanistan Food Security Update (7 January 2022)

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The food security situation remains alarming.

95% of people have insufficient food consumption

In the past month, even more people have turned to drastic measures to feed their families. Over half of the population (57 percent) are resorting to crisis coping Strategies - an increase from the previous month, and a five-fold increase from before 15 August.

The past month also saw rising numbers of people who did not have enough to eat at least once in the past fortnight. Over seven in ten families (72 percent) reported this, which is an increase from the previous month, and an increase from four in ten prior to 15 August. Most families (92 percent) attributed this to a lack of money.

As of end-December, 95 percent of the population have insufficient food consumption. While this represents a marginal improvement from the previous month, the situation remains far worse than before 15 August. The improvement is partly driven by increased consumption of dairy, protein and pulses, but there is variation across the country; in some provinces like Herat, food consumption has continued to deteriorate.