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UNICEF Yemen Country Office Humanitarian Situation Report (Reporting Period: 1-31 October 2021) [EN/AR]

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  • Lack of funding continues to impair and delay response initiatives throughout the country. In particular, urgent funds remain needed for life saving WASH, health, and nutrition activities
  • The Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) cluster reported that an additional 12,000 people were displaced in October due to intensified active conflict across several frontlines.
  • A total of 4,632,037 conflict-affected children and caregivers were reached through Mine Risk Education (MRE) activities.
  • A total number of 11,336 cases were screened for COVID-19 in the UNICEF-supported triage facilities in October (55.2 per cent female; 14.6 per cent children under five), while 286 suspected cases (43.3 per cent female; 13.2 per cent children under five) were referred for treatment to isolation centres. 27 out of the 286 referred cases were admitted in the isolation centres for further management.
  • 62,441 children (27,332 girls; 35,109 boys) benefitted from learning materials (school bag kits and school-in-a-box kits) in Ibb, Aden and Lahj. 15,422 students (7,537 girls; 7,885 boys) benefitted from the rehabilitation of WASH facilities in 22 schools.