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3RP Regional Strategic Overview 2022

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What is the 3RP?

The 3RP is a strategic, coordination, planning, advocacy, fundraising, and programming platform for humanitarian and development partners to respond to the Syria crisis. The 3RP is a comprehensive regional plan with five nationally led response plans 1 , so-called country chapters, which are developed through the respective coordination structures consisting of government, UN agencies and I/NGOs.

The 3RP’s comprehensive approach has brought together more than 270 humanitarian and development partners at the country and regional level, channelling in total USD 20.6 billion through the plan since its inception as well as strengthening partnerships with other actors, including donors and International Financial Institutions.

3RP Evaluation

The 3RP regional plan is currently under-going an external evaluation to make sure that it remains fit for purpose in an evolving context. It started in July 2021, with the objectives of 1) assessing what has worked well and what has not worked well in terms of the regional 3RP mechanisms; and 2) assessing and generating recommendations on ways in which the regional 3RP mechanisms can evolve to respond to the changing context across the region.

It is expected that the findings of the evaluation will be available in early 2022 and help to shape the next iteration of the 3RP from 2023 onwards.