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Ethiopia – Northern Ethiopia Crisis Fact Sheet #3 Fiscal Year (FY) 2022

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6.5-7 MILLION People Facing Severe Acute Food Insecurity in Afar,
Amhara, and Tigray
USAID – October 2021

9.4 MILLION People Targeted for Humanitarian Assistance in Afar,
Amhara, and Tigray
UN – December 2021

2.1 MILLION People Displaced by the Crisis Across Northern Ethiopia
IOM – October 2021

50,710 Refugees From Northern Ethiopia in Eastern Sudan
UNHCR – December 2021

  • Bureaucratic impediments and heightened levels of insecurity continue to limit humanitarian access to northern Ethiopia, particularly to Tigray. No convoys carrying humanitarian aid reached Tigray’s capital city of Mekele between December 15 and 30, exacerbating the already dire need for assistance.

  • Conflict continues to result in widespread displacement across Afar, Amhara, and Tigray, generating urgent humanitarian needs.

  • Ethiopia is projected to face record levels of food insecurity during 2022, with the greatest needs concentrated in conflict-affected areas of northern Ethiopia. Insecurity and a critical shortage of supplies and fuel continue to hinder food assistance.