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Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 64 - September 2021 [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
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Agriculture in Yemen ..The Key for Future Food and Social Security

The Editorial

The agriculture sector is one of the key sectors of the economy in Yemen, providing livelihoods for at least 73.5 percent of Yemeni households, directly or indirectly, through services and industries serving the rural and urban people. Given its high relative contribution to GDP and labor force, the sector is also critical to food security, self-sufficiency and the trade balance. It is the core element in the integrated rural development and a stabilizing factor and for curbing internal migration with its ensuing socio-economic issues.
In this issue of the YSEU Bulletin, we will explore the socio-economic importance of this sector, while reviewing the development of plant and livestock production in Yemen; analyze the food gap and self-sufficiency levels, as well as current situation of food security in Yemen. The objective of that is to identify the challenges and bottlenecks facing the sector, and proposed policies and priority interventions to promote its role as part of the economic activity and development in general.