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In Dhobley, AMISOM builds classrooms to ease congestion at primary and secondary school

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Dhobley, 25 December – The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has constructed five new classrooms at Omar Binu Khadab Primary and Secondary School in Dhobley town, Jubaland State, as part of its support to the education sector in Somalia.

The construction of the classrooms was done under the mission’s Quick Impact Projects, which are projects primarily structured to help address the basic needs, including health and education, of local populations in Somalia, especially of those living under AMISOM’s areas of responsibility.

To go along with the classrooms were 88 desks, cupboards, blackboards and various other learning materials.

“This school has a population of 300 students,” said AMISOM commanding Officer in Dhobley, Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Ongeso, at the official handover of the classrooms. “The newly built classrooms will go a long way in ensuring the classes are not congested, and that the students are learning in a comfortable and conducive environment.”

“As AMISOM, we have always taken pride and enjoyed the hospitality that has been extended to us by the Dhobley community. They have embraced us, and it has been wonderful working with them. We have been able to enrich the environment by planting trees and we have participated in imparting knowledge and skills to the local community through workshops and seminars,” he added.

The principal of Omar Binu Khadab Primary and Secondary School, Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, said that the new classrooms would help ease congestion for the students at the school.

“AMISOM has addressed a pressing need at this school, for which we are grateful. I am delighted that our students will now be learning in a good environment, and this will help make school enjoyable for them” said the principal.

Siyad Mohamed Hassan, the administrator of Dhobley town, said many schools in the region lacked basic infrastructure and it is with the support of Somalia’s partners that such needs and challenges could be addressed.

“AMISOM has greatly supported us in the development of Dhobley Town, and this is in addition to the everyday support in maintaining security and safety. AMISOM has provided services in education, health, development of the airport and in supporting women’s organizations and humanitarian assistance to our people in need,” said Siyad Mohamed.

In Dhobley and other areas, AMISOM has constructed safe water facilities, equipped schools and hospitals, conducted medical camps for the needy, assisted with improving living conditions at camps for internally displaced persons, donated sports equipment to keep young people occupied, and provided facilities at police stations for better service and operations.