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Yemen Socio-Economic Update, Issue 63 - August 2021 [EN/AR]

Govt. Yemen
Publication date

Telecommunications and Information Technology Sector (ICT) in Yemen

The Editorial

Information technology is widely viewed as an effective tool and key driver of development, almost for all countries around the world. It is also a vital component of infrastructure in any nation and plays a critical role in the social and economic growth. The exceptional circumstances that Yemen is going through placed extra pressure on the ICT sector. Therefore, ensuring availability and access to ICT infrastructure is a priority and prerequisite to benefit from this sector. Hence, a series of upcoming YSEU publications are designed to highlight the situation across many productive sectors (service and commodity), including key policies and interventions required to promote service delivery and eventually push forward for economic recovery. This issue provides an overview on the current situation of the ICT and the impact of the war and conflict on the sector, mainly the substantial damage and losses incurred to its infrastructure, the sector’s socio-economic importance. It also seeks to raise awareness on the concept of knowledge economy and progression towards digital and automated economy, including investment in the technical infrastructure, and setting up the required policies and priorities for better performance by the sector to ensure transformation into digital economy with human capital and the knowledge economy as the mainstays.