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UNHCR Europe situations: Data and trends - Arrivals and displaced populations (November 2021)

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In November, some 14,800 refugees and migrants arrived in Europe via the Mediterranean and Northwest African maritime routes, a slight increase (3%) compared to October, while overall arrivals from January through November 2021 (113,500) have increased by 28% compared to the same period last year (+ 24,600 people). It is worth noting that, according to data available to UNHCR as of 30 November, only 3% of all arrivals to Europe through the Mediterranean routes in 2021 were estimated to be Afghans.

Arrivals in Italy increased by 34% in November compared to October this year. Out of some 9,500 refugees and migrants who arrived in Italy in November, 60% had departed from Libya, 27% from Turkey and 10% from Tunisia. In November, arrivals in Italy from Libya more than doubled compared to October (111%), while arrivals from Turkey increased by 8%. Some 3,400⁶ refugees and migrants who departed from Libya in November were intercepted or rescued by Libyan authorities and disembarked back in Libya, a 62% increase compared to October. According to available data, most people departing from Libya so far this year were from Bangladesh, Egypt and Eritrea, while people arriving in Italy from Turkey originated mainly from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Some 4,200 refugees and migrants arrived in Spain in November, out of whom 83% in the Canary Islands, overall a 26% decrease compared to October. Arrivals in the Canary Islands in November (3,508) decreased by 3% compared to October. Overall, the number of arrivals in Spain from January to November 2021 through both the Western Mediterranean and Northwest African maritime routes was 5% higher than during the same period last year.

Some 700 refugees and migrants arrived in Greece via land and sea this month, 30% less than in October. The overall number of arrivals in Greece from January through November 2021 was nearly 46% lower than in the same period last year, as allegations of pushbacks at land and sea borders continued. Turkish authorities reported rescuing or intercepting some 3,600 refugees and migrants at sea in November, a 35% decrease compared to October. In addition, some 255 refugees and migrants arrived by sea in Cyprus this month, 43% less as compared to October (449).