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Leeward Islands: Earthquake 1 November 2021 Preliminary Event Briefing (11 November 2021)

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A magnitude 5.0 earthquake occurred at 22:08:17 UTC on 1 November 2021, 79.4 km (49.3 mi) ENE of The Valley, Anguilla; 83.1 km (51.7 mi) ENE of Sandy Ground Village, Anguilla and 154.9 km (96.2 mi) NNW of Saint John’s, Antigua and Barbuda. Estimates from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) located the epicentre of the event at 18.434°N, 62.332°W, and at a depth of 31.8 km (19.7 mi) – Figure 1. Anguilla, Sint Maarten and Antigua and Barbuda were the CCRIF member countries where peak ground acceleration, computed with the CCRIF SPHERA EQ model, was greater than 0.01 g following the magnitude 5.0 earthquake.

Final runs of the CCRIF loss model for peak ground acceleration produced no government losses for Anguilla, Sint Maarten or Antigua and Barbuda. Therefore no payouts under these countries’ earthquake policies are due.
This event briefing is designed to review the modelled losses due to peak ground acceleration from the magnitude 5.0 earthquake event calculated by CCRIF’s SPHERA EQ model for affected CCRIF member countries, to be analyzed with respect to members’ earthquake policies.