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TİKA Supports Families in Need in Bamiyan, Afghanistan

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Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) provided food and blanket support to 500 displaced families in need in Bamiyan province, one of the coldest regions of Afghanistan.

The program was attended by Mevlevi Shamal Khan Muslih, head of the humanitarian aid delegation involving Afghanistan Ministry of Refugees and Returnees, Ministry of Natural Disasters and Incidents and the Afghan Red Crescent; which was formed with the approval of the Afghan Prime Minister; Bamiyan provincial governor Mevlevi Abdullah Sarhadi, Bamiyan Province Refugees and Returnees Director Mevlevi Suheyl and members of the press.

In his speech at the program, TİKA Kabul Office Coordinator Zühtü Çal stated that various basic food materials such as flour, rice, oil, sugar, pasta and blankets were provided to 500 families in need due to the increasing unemployment rate and cold weather conditions in Afghanistan in recent months.

The families participating in the program expressed their deepest gratitudes to the friendly and sister country, Republic of Turkey and its people for their fraternal help.