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UNHCR Global COVID-19 Emergency Response, 20 December 2021

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  • UNHCR released the first Global Compact on Refugees – Indicator report, which shows that progress has been made in increasing support for low-income countries hosting refugees. However, with around nine out of 10 refugees hosted in developing regions and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic felt acutely in these countries, UNHCR calls on stepping up responsibility sharing to meet the challenges.

  • During the monthly consultations with NGOs, UNHCR informed its partners that the UN Vaccination Programme has entered into phase two. This means that in countries where NGO partner staff do not have full access to a COVID-19 vaccine, staff of national NGOs and staff and the dependents of international NGOs can now be included under the UN Vaccination Programme. This meeting was crucial to inform NGOs of the steps they need to take to ensure that staff can receive the vaccine.