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WFP Algeria Country Brief, November 2021

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In Numbers

133,672 rations distributed in November 2021
817 kcal/person/day provided through the general food basket
US$ 6.7 m six months (December 2021– May 2022) net funding requirement.

Operational Updates

  • In November, WFP distributed 133,672 food rations that included 2 kg of rice, 2 kg of barley, 750 g sugar, 920 g of fortified vegetable oil. Beneficiaries received around 820 kcal per person per day.

  • For the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) and anaemia of pregnant and lactating women (PLW), WFP distributed daily rations of super cereal wheat soy blend, sugar and vegetable oil to 757 women. In addition, around 8,309 PLW received fresh food vouchers to have a more nutritious diet and to prevent MAM and anaemia.

  • WFP continued the distribution of the Multiple Micronutrient Supplements MMS (1 tablet per woman per day) targeting 8,423 pregnant and lactating women.

  • For the treatment of moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) in children, 582 children aged between 6-59 months received daily rations of specialised nutritious food (PlumpySup) throughout November, while MAM prevention activities reached 13,754 boys and girls aged 6-59 months, who also received specialized nutritious food (Nutributter) in health centres.

  • School feeding continued in the refugee camps. WFP distributed every school day nutritious gofio porridge made from gofio, dried skimmed milk, vitamin-enriched oil and sugar to 39,864 children. WFP will continue to distribute a daily 50g packet of high energy biscuits.

  • As WFP Algeria is planning to shift its cash-based transfers from paper to e-vouchers, a mission from RBC is currently in Tindouf to train the team, local partners and the Boujdour camp retailers on the use of SCOPE platform, WFP's beneficiary information and transfer management platform. The initiative will start in Boujdour camp and will be launched officially on 5 December.

  • WFP Algeria is facing critical wheat flour shortages. A solution is being discussed with the host government to tackle this issue.