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Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, July, August & September 2021

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1) Health and Nutrition Program:

  • Orientation workshop for the project team in Sana’a governorate.

  • Orientation workshop for the stakeholders in Ibb governorate

  • Providing health services in the targeted health facilities in Ibb governorate Conducting health and nutrition need assessments for the health facilities in Abyan governorate.

  • Donor (YHF) field visit to the targeted areas in Ibb governorate

2) WASH Program:

  • Needs assessment of the water, sanitation, and hygiene needs for four HF in Ibb and Dhi As Sufal districts, Ibb governorate.

  • Conducting cleaning campaign in six IDPs Hosting sites in Ibb, Al-Mashannah and Al- Dhihar districts, Ibb governorate.

  • Supply and installation of water point (tank / tap) the six IDPs hosting sites in Ibb, Al- Mashannah and Al-Dhihar districts, Ibb governorate.

  • Distribution of CHKs in IDPs hosting sites in Al-Dhihar district, Ibb governorate.

3) Shelter Program:

  • YDN conducted Rapid Needs Assessment for affected families in Al Jubah, Marib City and Marib districts, Marib governorate in order to implement a shelter project funded by YHF, included rental subsides and NFIs.

  • YDN coordinated with SC for the newly displaced families in Al Jubah, Marib City and Jabal Mourad districts, Marib governorate in order to carry out the distribution of emergency shelter and non-food items under the contingency core-pipeline.

4) FSL Program:

  • Implementation a Food security project in Four Yemeni governorates.

5) Protection Program:

  • Provide periodic training in the field of protection.