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FPMA Bulletin #10, 9 December 2021

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↗ Wheat export prices increased further in November, reflecting tight export availabilities. International barley and maize prices also increased, while those of rice kept broadly steady reined in by harvest progress in various Asian suppliers and scattered demand.

↗ In East Africa, prices of coarse grains followed mixed trends in November lingering at levels higher than one year ago, with exceptionally high levels still prevailing in South Sudan and the Sudan.

↗ Across most of West Africa, prices of coarse grains generally levelled off or increased in November, and remained above their year-earlier values, in particular in the regions where worsening security conditions continued to disrupt food trade and markets.

↗ In East Asia, prices of wheat grain and wheat flour continued to increase in November in several countries and were mostly well above their year-earlier levels, largely reflecting the high prices in international markets.