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UNHCR thanks Spain for their contribution for Sahrawi Refugees in Algeria

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The United Nations Refugee Agency, UNHCR, welcomes a contribution of USD 1,7 million from the Government of Spain for crucial humanitarian assistance to Sahrawi refugees in the five refugee camps near Tindouf.

Spain’s essential contribution will strengthen the response capacity of UNHCR and its partners to enable them to provide critical humanitarian assistance and essential services, mainstreaming the prevention and response to reduce COVID-19 morbidity and mortality rates. As a result, Sahrawi refugees will be able to meet their most pressing needs in the areas of health care, food security and nutritional wellbeing as well as improving hygiene and sanitation through access to sanitary materials for women and girls.

“I would like to thank Spain for their continuous support to Sahrawi refugees, and their unwavering commitment to the refugee cause” said UNHCR Representative Agostino Mulas, “I would also like to acknowledge the importance of bilateral solidarity from Spain, the Spanish civil society and local communities with Sahrawi refugees, which is the ultimate embodiment of a whole of society approach, as stated in the Global Compact for Refugees”.

UNHCR welcomes the substantial increase of Spain’s contribution during these challenging times where support for refugees is more needed than ever, while acknowledging that Spain is also a strategic partner for the refugee response. UNHCR and Spanish academia are exploring new joint opportunities for the delivery of innovative humanitarian aid through in the Sahrawi refugee camps.