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Iraq CCCM Cluster Informal Sites Technical Working Group (TWG) Terms of Reference - October 2021

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Broadly, the Working Group aims:
1. To strengthen information sharing, learning, and collaboration between CCCM informal site partners and coverage areas to support more effective CCCM interventions
2. To enhance understanding among CCCM actors of the unique situation and needs of informal site IDPs, and to identify appropriate opportunities for CCCM actors to contribute to work on resolving displacement

More specifically, the Working Group will:

  1. Discuss challenges, mitigation measures and best-practice on thematic topics, including but not limited to: a. Eviction risk-mitigation
    b. Service reduction response, notably food assistance
    c. Host community integration and targeting
    d. Community structures and participation
    e. Local authority engagement
    f. Durable solutions profiling
    g. Site selection and CCCM approaches
    h. Site “classification”- Different types of informal sites

  2. Support the linking of informal sites to durable solutions programming and coordination structures, including through the development and implementation of a referral system

  3. Identify and share policies and coordination practices that support the improvement of service provision standards in informal sites

  4. Contribute to the development of policy, guidance and definitional documents related to informal sites

  5. Contribute to the refining of IM tools (eg. RASP) based on operational and contextual needs