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Yemen: Situation Update No. 3 - Humanitarian Impact in Al Hodeidah and Red Sea Coast, 1 December 2021 [EN/AR]

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On 11-12 November, Government of Yemen (GoY)-aligned forces redeployed from their positions around Hodeidah City, and from Ad Durayhimi, Bayt Al Faqih districts and most areas in At Tuhayta District. Ansarullah forces move into the vacated areas without delay.
These developments were followed on 17 November by new advances by GoY-aligned forces towards Hays District, which they now control. Daily hostilities have since been recurrent, with GoY-aligned forces making further advances towards bordering areas in Al Jarrahi and Jabal Ras districts to the north and Al Khukhah District and Maqbanah District of Ta’iz Governorate to the south.
As a result of these developments, civilian and commercial traffic on the main road connecting Hays District with Maqbanah District – a crucial stretch on the route that had since April 2019 been the main commercial artery linking southern and northern governorates of Yemen – has been obstructed. Preliminary field reports indicate that all five bridges on this stretch of the road have been substantially damaged.


According to the GoY Executive Unit for Internally Displaced Persons, 2,089 families (about 14,623 people) have been displaced to GoY-controlled areas following the sudden redeployment. Some 1,271 families were displaced from Ad Durayhimi, Bayt Al Faqih and At Tuhayta districts to Al Khukhah District, while 454 families were displaced further south to Al Makha District. Some 364 families were displaced even further to Ash Shamayatayn and Al Wazi'yah districts of Ta’iz Governorate and to Aden Governorate.
In the meantime, the Supreme Council of the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (SCMCHA) reported that some 1,541 families (approximately 10,787 people) had been displaced to de facto authorities (DFA)-controlled areas because of the hostilities in and around Hays District. These families were displaced northwards. According to SCMCHA, 598 families were displaced to Jabal Ras District, 563 families to Al Jarrahi District, 198 to At Tuhayta District, with some 90 other families displaced to Zabid District and 58 families to Hodeidah City.
Preliminary field reports indicate shortages in fuel and other commercial supplies in Hodeidah City and districts bordering Hays due to the disruption of commercial traffic – by hostilities in Hays and Maqbanah districts – on the route running from Aden through Al Makha and Al Khukhah to Hays and from there to Ibb and other north western areas. The route has since April 2019 been a vital artery for commercial traffic and transportation of humanitarian supplies from Aden port to northern governorates. Field reports also indicate that limited commercial traffic has shifted to a secondary route that goes through the rugged mountainous terrain in Al Qubaytah in Lahj Governorate. This secondary route can only accommodate small trucks.

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