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Yemen: Displacement Report, 25 November 2021

Govt. Yemen
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The recent developments in Al Hodaydah Governorate (Ad Durayhimi, At Tuhayat, Alhawk and Alhali), Marib Governorate (Al Abdiyah, Rahaba, Al Jubah, Jabal Murad, Harib and Sirwah) and Shabwah Governorate (Bayhan and Usaylan) led to a wave of mass displacement of thousands of households. The Executive Unit for IDPs Camps Management immediately formed a committee of many teams to work 24 hours to (receive displaced households, monitoring households, distribute households on sites, find lands, register needs and send urgent appeals). The Executive Unit for IDPs Camps Management provided lands to receive displaced households and coordinated with the local authorities, local organizations and international organizations to speed up the access of humanitarian assistance.