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Knowledge, Practice and Coverage Survey Report: Taiz Governorate, Yemen (August 2021)

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Executive Summary

The consequences of Yemen’s on-going conflict include the destruction of basic infrastructure, disruption of basic services, major displacement, and loss of lives and livelihoods. In alignment with the IFRR approach, MedGlobal have been implementing an integrated health, nutrition, and WASH response, which includes the provision of basic maternal and child preventive and curative health and nutrition services, rehabilitation of WASH infrastructure to reduce the risk of disease transmission, provision of improved access to safe water, sanitation facilities, handwashing facilities and waste management facilities.

This KPC survey was conducted at the household-level in areas of intervention across Taiz Governorate, to measure the knowledge, practice, and coverage of key Health, Nutrition, and WASH, indicators in these communities. Using LQAS methodology, data was collected from 19 households in each survey area to provide reliable estimates of coverage and program performance. The total sample size was 152 households (from eight survey areas).

Data was collected over an eight-day period, and subsequently analyzed to generate results: coverage estimates for the entire program catchment area, and results for each survey area, with performance measured using the LQAS Decision Rule table. The results are summarized in the table on pages 6-8.

Prevalence of fever and diarrhea among children were both high. These could be explained by poor access to safe drinking water and essential hand washing supplies. Healthcare utilization rates for maternal, newborn, and child health services were generally poor, and the uptake of recommended IYCF and hygiene practices were found to be suboptimal. The survey findings emphasize the need to investigate barriers to access and target behaviors in more detail, especially life-saving services like SBA-assisted delivery and prompt care-seeking for childhood illnesses.