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South America | Meteorological Drought 2010-2019 | 26/11/2021

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  • The time series of 2010-2019 of the drought frequency and severity was used to represent the drought and its trends in comparison with the previous period 1950-2009.

  • Increased drought severity (during 2010-2019, compared to 1950-2009) was experienced by the majority of countries, particularly across Chile (the largest increase) and Argentina, but also in Peru and Brazil.

  • Increased drought frequency (2010-2019, compared to 1950-2009) was experienced also in this case by the majority of the continent, particularly across central-southern countries, namely Bolivia (the largest increase) and Argentina.

  • Combining frequency and severity, it is possible to identify "hotspots" affected more frequently but also severely by drought during 2010-2019, compared with previous decades: Argentina, Bolivia, French Guiana and Chile, followed by Peru and Venezuela.