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Papua New Guinea: Manam Volcanic Activity Situation Update, 11 November 2021

Papúa Nueva Guinea
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• Manam volcano started emitting ash, smoke, and debris on 20 October 2021 and this has continued to date.

• The hot volcanic ash and debris destroyed food gardens and fruit trees, contaminated the existing drinking water sources, and damaged shelters.

• A total of 4,648 people living on the Island are affected by the situation.

• Food, water and sanitation, and health assistance are among the identified immediate needs for the affected population.

• Manam Islanders continue to live in protracted displacement, spanning over a decade, and with limited access to basic services.


A finding from the assessment shows that the volcanic activity directly affected 4,648 individuals (2,460 males and 2,188 females). Though the volcanic activity caused no immediate displacement, volcanic ash falls caused severe pollution to rainfed water tanks and shallow wells used by Manam Islanders to collect drinking water.

Hot ash from the volcanic activity damaged several food gardens, and food and fruit trees such as breadfruit, creating food insecurity for Manam Islanders. The limited access to safe drinking water coupled with food insecurity can cause serious negative consequences, including displacement, especially for the particularly vulnerable persons such as women, children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities.

This report presents key findings from the rapid assessment carried out by Madang PDC and IOM following the recent eruption of Manam and recommends actions critical to address the multi-sectoral needs of the affected population.