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Mali: Flow Monitoring Report - Dashboard No. 69 (October 2021)

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In order to gain a better understanding of mobility flows and trends through West and Central Africa, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has implemented the Displacement Tracking Matrix’s Flow Monitoring (FM) tool at key transit points across the region.

Flow Monitoring activities are conducted in close cooperation with national and local authorities as well as local partners. The Flow Monitoring tool consists of two main components: the Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR), which captures key data on the volume, origin, destination and mode of travel of mobility flows, and the Flow Monitoring Survey (FMS), individual surveys conducted with travelers to gather detailed information about the profiles, migration experience and intentions of migrants. Through these activities, the Flow Monitoring tool collects data on migration flows and trends, traveller profiles, migration journeys, and intentions of migrants, so as to obtain a better understanding of mobility in West and Central Africa.

In Mali, DTM conducts Flow Monitoring activities at seven Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) located across six regions, in order to foster a better understanding of the numbers, trends, profiles, and journeys of migration flows crossing these points.

This reports presents data collected through the Flow Monitoring Registry in October 2021.

Additional information on Flow Monitoring methodology is available on the last page.